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Range of Colours

Each range of paving block we create comes in a range of colours. Depending on the nature of how the paving block is produced, this colour will vary slightly from range to range. To give you an idea of the colours available in each range, and the differences between them, we have provided you with colour swatches/example images for each.

Disclaimer: All colour swatches shown are only representations. Lakeland Pavers can not ensure a perfect colour match, due to the nature of Concrete Paving, photography and differences in monitor brightness, contrast and quality.

Lakeland Derwentstone ®

The Elegant Range

Available in Original (a pale mix of Buff, Charcoal, Marigold, Red and Natural), Ash, Autumn, Brindle, Buff, Charcoal, Grey (a pale mix of Buff, Charcoal, Marigold and Natural), Harvest and Sunset.

Derwentstone Ash Derwentstone Autumn Derwentstone Brindle Derwentstone Buff
Ash Autumn Brindle Brown
Derwentstone Charcoal Derwentstone Grey Derwentstone Harvest Derwentstone Original
Charcoal Grey Harvest Original
Derwentstone Sunset
Lakeland Driveway

The Traditional Range

Available in Autumn, Brindle, Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Harvest, Marigold, Natural, Red and Sunset.

Driveway Ash Driveway Autumn Driveway Brindle Driveway Brown
Ash Autumn Brindle Brown
Driveway Buff Driveway Charcoal Driveway Harvest Driveway Marigold
Buff Charcoal Harvest Marigold
Driveway Natural Driveway Red Driveway Sunset  
Natural Red Sunset  
Lakeland Inglestone

The Permeable Range

Available in Brindle, Charcoal and Natural - Note: only Brindle and Charcoal shown below.. Other colours also available, please enquire for further details.

Inglestone Brindle Inglestone Charcoal
Brindle Charcoal
Lakeland Kendalstone

The Desirable Range

Available in Ash, Autumn, Brindle, Buff, Charcoal, Harvest and Sunset. Other colours can be produced, subject to order.

Kendalstone Ash Kendalstone Autumn Kendalstone Brindle Kendalstone Buff
Ash Autumn Brindle Buff
Kendalstone Charcoal Kendalstone Harvest Kendalstone Sunset
Charcoal Harvest Sunset
Lakeland Lowtherstone

The Striking Range

Lakeland Lowtherstone is available in the following colours; however other colours are also available, please enquire for further details.

Lowtherstone Ash Lowtherstone Autumn Lowtherstone Brindle Lowtherstone Charcoal
Ash Autumn Brindle Charcoal
Lowtherstone Harvest      
Lakeland Merestone ®

The Enviable Range

Lakeland Merestone is available in Ash and Charcoal - Note: only Ash is shown below. However Lakeland Merestone can be ordered in any of our colour range. Further details available on enquiry.

Merestone Ash      

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