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Paving - Design Ideas

Lakeland Pavers are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest quality in concrete paving; with a design that enhances the look of your home or wherever you choose to use concrete paving. We have all the advice you need to achieve the final product that you desire. Here are design ideas and elements that you should consider when choosing concrete paving.

Introduction - Elements to Consider

When you decide to use concrete paving, there is more involved in the design of your finished product than the colour and where you'd like to use concrete paving. When you choose Lakeland Pavers, we will help you with your design as much as possible. However to help you with your own ideas, the main elements you should consider are:

  • Thickness
    The purpose of the paving will determine what thickness you will need.
  • Texture & Type
    Our two main finishes on block paving are smooth or rumbled. It is down to personal preference which finish look you use. You can also choose between permeable and semi-porous paving blocks, in both smooth or rumbled textures.
  • Colour
    Choose of a wide variety of colours to complement or contrast with your property for maximum effect!
  • Laying Pattern
    There are a variety of patterns that can be created depending on if you choose to use standard rectangular blocks or multisized pavers.
  • Accessories
    Did you know that we also supply a wide variety of accessories to complement our paving? There are of course Kerbs and Edging blocks, but also consider lighting.
  • Combinations
    Have you considered combining different products to create a unique effect?
Thickness of the Concrete Block Paving

The thickness of the paving blocks you use is highly important to it's end use/purpose, to ensure high quality and a long life-span.

Once you have decided where you want to use block paving, this will help determine it's requirements and therefore the thickness you require.

We recommend that you should use:

  • 50mm
    For residential drives, paths and patios.
  • 60mm
    For lightly trafficked roads such as cul-de-sacsand drives.
  • 80mm
    For heavily trafficked roads and commercial sites.

We supply only British Standard paving blocks, ensuring you that the product you receive will be only of the highest quality.

If you are unsure which thickness of block paving is the most appropriate for your paving project, please ask your local stockist or you can contact us directly, we are more than happy to help.

Texture & Type

The texture of the block is a matter of personal preference. We currently manufacture blocks with 3 textures and finishes:

  • Smooth Texture
    This is a "smooth" texture, though we mean "smooth" within the parameters of concrete manufacturing. Available in both permeable and semi-porous blocks.
  • Rumbled Texture
    The rumbling process distresses the paver giving a "worn" texture. Available in both permeable and semi-porous blocks.
  • Cobbled Finish
    Pavers with a cobble effect and rounded corners. These pavers are suitable for residential drives, paths and patios.

We also produce two types of concrete block pavers:

  • Semi-Porous
    Block paving by nature is a semi-porous material, making it a good solution for reducing surface water on paths, drives and other places where you wish to use block paving.
  • Permeable
    Some of our ranges have been specially developed to offer extra drainage by allowing water to pass through the paved area and sub base to outflow pipes, further reducing excess surface water. An ideal solution for both domestic and commercial uses.

We recommend the appearance be judged, where possible, by viewing existing sites.

Note: The manufacturing process of concrete products may result in variations in texture, which are unavoidable. The amount a product is rumbled may vary from batch to batch and product to product.

Colour Range

Concrete Block Paving is available in a number of colours. Whilst it is a matter of choice we would recommend that the colour of the paving should contrast or complement its surroundings. It is not recommended that the colour of the paving should be matched with the colour of the property as this will result in the effect being subdued.

Note: Concrete is made from natural materials and variances can occur in colour. It is recommended that when blocks are laid they are taken from at least 3 packs to minimise any "patching" that may result in slight variances in colour in individual packs.

See our Range of Colours.

Laying Patterns with Block Paving

The pattern used can have a considerable effect on whether the end product is a functional feature or striking addition to the property.

Combine different colours, or even products to create a drive, path or feature that has your own personality.

Click on the images bottom to see an enlarged/detailed image.

Block Paving Accessories

We supply a range of accessories to complement our paving which can also be used to assist in producing an interesting design:

  • Lakeland Kerbs, Corners & Channels
    Our range of accessories to help give the finishing touches to your paving project. Choose from kerbs, corners and channels to make your design complete.
  • Lakeland Castlerigg Circle
    Have our famous Lakeland Castlerigg Circle as part of your design in your next paving project.
Block Paving Combination Ideas

Consider combining different products, colours and patterns in your design to create a different effect and unique design. Think about the following:

Using contrasting colours to your property will enhance your paving. Also try complementary colours of pavers, such as brindle and charcoal Using different sizes of pavers will create different effects. Have you considered combining different sizes of pavers to create a cobbled look? The use of laying pattern can create a feature. Notice the brindle border inside the charcoal border, before the main brindle Herringbone pattern. Consider how your paving will interact with your property. Create an interesting shape or path for that extra "WOW" factor.
Contrast & Complement Paver Size Laying Pattern Shape
Different product ranges suit different tastes, but try combining different paving stone ranges. The example above uses both Lakeland Kendalstone and Lake Derwentstone to create a stunning effect. Our pavers can easily work over a number of levels by making use of the Lakeland B-Kerb and Lakeland Q-Kerb to create steps. Block paving can create all sorts of design features, whether it be steps, enhancing a garden feature or using our famous Castlerigg Circle to make a feature.
Product Range Steps & Levels Make a Feature

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